Emergency Towing Tips

Although most people own a vehicle, they don't know how to tow their vehicles when they break down or crash. As such, they risk injuries and accidents as they tow their cars. Below is a guide with intricate details on how to conduct emergency towing. 

Secure the Site

Once your vehicle breaks down or crashes, your immediate concern should be to secure the site. If your vehicle can move, push it to the sidewalk to prevent collisions with other vehicles. If the car cannot move, there is not much you can do. Nevertheless, you should place emergency cones or warning triangles several meters ahead and behind the damaged vehicle. This way, other motorists are aware of an accident. If the battery still works, switch on the hazard lights. You should also mind your safety. Typically, stay at the edge of the road and avoid dangerous activities such as ransacking the vehicle. Remember, you could get hit by other cars. 

Examine the Damage

Once the vehicle is secure, conduct a quick assessment to determine if it is safe to tow. For example, assess the tow hook if you plan to tow the vehicle using another car. Moreover, evaluate the vehicle for damages that could complicate the towing process. For example, you should avoid towing a car with fuel leakage or damaged tires. Furthermore, check whether you risk damaging the underneath components, such as the exhaust system or transmission which could be hanging below the vehicle.  

Find a Suitable Vehicle

Suppose you want a friend to tow the vehicle to a safe location or a nearby garage. In that case, you must ensure that their vehicle's towing capacity exceeds your car's gross vehicle mass. Moreover, examine the towing components, such as the safety chain, coupler, and hook, are in excellent condition. You should also check that they have a heavy-duty wire rope. 

Consider Professional Towing 

Clearly, towing is a complicated process if you do not have the skills and patience to execute the task. Moreover, it could be pretty risky for most people. The best approach would be to hire a professional towing service to tow your car after an accident or breakdown. The benefit of the service is that most companies have skilled personnel to tow your car safely. Besides, the tow trucks have heavy-duty winches that can recover your car from trenches or ditches. The towing techniques guarantee that your vehicle does not suffer additional damages during towing.

For more information on emergency towing services, contact a company near you.