First Time Towing Tips Every Customer Should Know

Even though every driver strives to be better and careful while driving, some issues may occur, and you might need to contact a tow truck company. These emergency service providers will come to your aid to either fix the problem on-site or tow your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop. However, things can be confusing if you are a first-time customer — what is expected? The stress that comes when your car breaks down can temporarily overwhelm you, but it's better to prepare for the tow truck company instead. This post will share some preparation tips you should consider when you find yourself in this predicament.

Ensure you are safe

The first thing you should do when your vehicle breaks down is to ensure you are safe and the vehicle is secured. It's always recommended that you move the car to the roadside. Then, get into the vehicle and turn the hazard lights on. Make sure the vehicle doors are locked if you are alone and it is dark. If you cannot drive the car to the side, you should turn the hazard lights. This way, other road users will see you and look for an alternative route. Setting up flares around the vehicle is also recommended to mark the perimeter.

Call a tow truck company

Now that you are safe and in your car, you should consider contacting a reputable tow truck company. Be sure to explain everything clearly so they can know how to help. Other than asking about your location, the service providers may enquire about the condition of the vehicle, if there are obstructions around the vehicle, the state of the battery, fuel availability, and so on. Try to answer all the questions and be detailed so your service provider can prepare adequately, and select the most suitable tow truck.

Allow the service provider to do their job

Your tow truck company will get to you as soon as they can, and the first thing they will do is verify your details by asking for your ID. Be sure to have it ready. The expert may also ask for proof of insurance if necessary. Once everything checks out, the professionals will examine the vehicle and determine if they'll fix it or take it to an auto repair shop. If towing is the only option, then the vehicle will be loaded on the tow truck's flatbed, or be pulled with heavy-duty chains to the auto repair shop you pick. Meanwhile, you can get an alternative means of transport to your destination.

For further tips, reach out to a local towing service.