3 Reasons Flatbed Tow Trucks Are the Best Investment for Towing Services

Since tow trucks are the heart and soul of towing services, it is essential to invest in the best. However, various types of tow trucks impact your investment decision differently. That said, experienced tow service providers advise entrants to start with flatbed tow trucks. It is because flatbed tow trucks are functional in different situations. This article highlights vital cases where flatbed tow trucks come in handy for towing service providers.

Low Profile Cars 

Towing services often struggle with low profile cars because they are highly susceptible to damage if not handled correctly. The low ground clearance exposes a bumper, the underside, and the rear to potential damage, particularly when using a towing dolly. For instance, if you lift the two front wheels off the ground using a tow dolly, the chances are high that you will drag the underside body kits as well as the rear bumper on the ground. It makes a flatbed tow truck the best option for low profile vehicles. All you have to do is use a winch to pull a car onto a flatbed and secure it in place. Lowering a car is also easy since you just have to roll back a flatbed and drive the vehicle off.

Heavy Vehicles 

When you enter the towing industry, being selective with the type of vehicles you tow will get you nowhere. As such, you should tow both light and heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, tow dollies are not suitable for towing heavy vehicles because a client car's weight is not evenly distributed. It means that a dolly can easily break in the middle of a highway and cause an accident. Flatbed tow trucks make towing services easy and safe because they can accommodate heavy cars.

Time-Saving Situations 

No customer will turn down quality and efficient services, which is no different regarding towing. Therefore, the faster you can tow a customer's vehicle from its current location to a designated destination, the better for your business. Unfortunately, towing services that primarily rely on tow dollies tend to be slow. It is because tow dolly drivers must be extra careful since they are towing a car behind. Therefore, taking corners, braking, or accelerating must be performed with caution. Since a flatbed tow truck carries a client's vehicle on its deck, it can move faster, which goes a long way in saving time and attracting new customers.

For more ideas and information on different tow trucks, contact a local towing service.